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COPTCorporate Office Properties Trust (Columbia, MD)
COPTCaptain of the Port (US Coast Guard)
COPTCoin-Operated Pay Telephone
COPTCouncil on Police Training (Delaware)
COPTCompleted Procedure Turn
COPTCircum Oval Precipitin Test
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A safety zone may include water or shore areas, or some combination of water and shore areas, access limited to persons or vessels specifically authorized by the Captain of the Port or the United States Coast Guard District Commander.
The captain of the port normally receives notification of a ship's arrival 96 hours in advance.
Percival de Araujo Costa, the former captain of the port, had slammed down hard on those attacks, reducing them to zero by the end of last year.
An assessment of the vulnerability of the terminal or ship to each threat identified by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) is required.
Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) Guam established Port Heavy Weather Condition (PHWC) ZULU for the port of Guam.
Brian Kelley as the captain of the port and commanding officer for Coast Guard Sector Baltimore during a Change of Command Ceremony at the Coast Guard Yard.
One difference is that the PSUs, which deploy with Navy forces abroad, usually operate under Defense Department rules, and MSSTs usually work under the authority of the captain of the port where they are deployed, usually within the United States.
Since May, when the volcano started erupting, mariners without explicit written permission from the Captain of the Port of Honolulu were required to keep a mandatory 0.18-mile distance from the lava entry point.