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CAPCOMCapsule Communicator
CAPCOMCapture Compare (microcontroller, semiconductor)
CAPCOMCapsule Computers (video game publisher)
CAPCOMCapital Regional Command (Philippine military)
CAPCOMCaptain Commmando (game)
CAPCOMCivilian Assistance Patrol and Civilian Operational Management
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Multi-output Capture Compare Pulse Width Modulation module (MCCP)
The PIC32MM devices include core independent peripherals such as configurable logic cells (CLCs) and multiple-output capture compare PWMs (MCCPs) which help enable LED dimming and sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor control applications.
Along with industry-leading active current down to 30 oA/MHz and sleep current down to 20 nA, these MCUs integrate a 17x10-bit ADC, EUSART, I2C[TM]/SPI, 2x Capture Compare PWMs, 7 KB Flash and 256B RAM.
Also included on-chip are fast analog comparators with 50 nS response time, Capture Compare Peripherals, and I2C[TM], SPI and EUSART interfaces for communications.
Up to 5 Enhanced Capture Compare PWM peripherals with independent time base