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CPDVCapture Device
CPDVCatholic Public Domain Version (publication)
CPDVCompagnie Patrimoniale des Vins (French: Wealth of Wine Company)
CPDVCenter for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (various locations)
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Summary: Mobile Computing Data Capture Device Market provides the market share, growth, trends and forecasts.
Video capture device manufacturer Magewell has launched the Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Plus video and audio capture card.
The new X-T3 can shoot 4K at 60fps (in camera) and if you're looking for 10-bit colour, the X-T3 can output 10-bit 4:2:2 to an external capture device. The camera also offers in camera 10-bit colour capture, but the chroma sub-sampling, in this case, is limited to 4:2:0.
Because a single hood can use up to three and a half times more energy than a house, choosing the right capture device can make a significant impact on a laboratory's annual operating costs.
The first is a base case in which no capture device was incorporated (i.e., a simulated wind was directed normally across the open end of the duct).
In their first attempt, the SBI distributed android phones with a USB based fingerprint capture device to the shopkeepers to usher in digital transactions.
A biometric ATM offers an ATM-type interface along with at least one biometric capture device, like a fingerprint scanner, iris camera, palm/finger vein scanner, and face recognition camera.
According to the company, unlike other resin-based columns, the GORE Protein Capture Device has higher binding capacity at a short residence time enabling faster processing times and potential for more highly concentrated elution pools.
The patent described the use of a matched optical filter for the holographic storage of biometric data, such as a fingerprint, the capture device, and the correlation device for reading the fingerprint and checking against the stored, filtered image.
CEO, Tom Grissen, said, 'Daon's IdentityX platform was designed to leverage existing smartphone features, acting as a biometric capture device, which simplifies the authentication process and removes the need for complicated passwords.
A RUGBY charity recently donated a video capture device to the ophthalmic surgery department at The Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.