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CARALCanadian Abortion Rights Action League (Canada)
CARALCalifornia Abortion Rights Action League (US)
CARALCalifornia Reproductive Rights Action League
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The Caral complex boasts a variety of structures, most notably the six pyramids with their circular plazas.
Added to this, the Sierra Caral forest contains the Bobos, Las Animas, Negro, Chiquito, Frio, Platanos, and Nuevo Cacao river basins, feeder rivers that converge in the Rio Motagua basin and which constitute a crucial water supply for local communities.
At the founding meeting of CARAL on November 18, 1974, she described the process of obtaining an abortion as "a complicated maze of protocols, consent and hidden quotas.
To wit, I have serious problems with claims for an early state or city at Caral whose only justification is Andean exceptionality.
34) Mullens, supra note 17 at 530; see also CARAL, supra note 4.
He also takes a detailed look at the ancient adobe ruins at Caral and the largest ancient man-made structure in the Americas--the massive Pyramid of the Sun, built by the Moche people during the second century AD.
Some three thousand years ago, the inhabitants of Caral concealed the buildings beneath layers of gravel and waterworn pebbles and abandoned the valley.
Sinn Fein councillor Caral Ni Chuilin who is throwing her hat into the ring to become the next Lord Mayor of Belfast
Archaeologists have been searching for the mother city for more than a century, exploring Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and Asia before finding Caral in a pristine state.
This city, called Caral, is from the very first stage of humankind's civilisation.
Horizon: The Lost Pyramids of Caral (BBC2, 9pm) investigates the ancient city of pyramids in Peru which hit the headlines last year.
RESEARCHERS NOW believe the oldest city in the Americas--among the oldest in the world--is Caral, in the Supe Valley in central Peru, a developed town with irrigation and ceremonial mounds that flourished 4,600 years ago, before Egypt's Old Kingdom and the first pyramids there.