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Continued exposure to carbon disulphide can cause a range of health problems including cardiovascular and nervous disorders.
We know the presence of carbon disulphide may be affecting the local housing market.
The council and Akzo Nobel have now announced a project to destroy carbon disulphide found underground.
Wolverhampton City Council is now seeking residents' views on a proposal to clear the land of the substance, carbon disulphide, on the site of the former Courtaulds' factory.
Nine Foleshill families are moving out of their Threadneedle Street homes after carbon disulphide was discovered in the area.
Ground samples taken in the gardens of a small number of properties during the first phase of the investigations have revealed levels of the substance carbon disulphide that require further investigation.
Many of them are not affected by carbon disulphide.
Foleshill residents were given the shock news their Threadneedle Street houses may have to be demolished after high concentrations of carbon disulphide were found in one garden.
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