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C-CCCarbon-Carbon Composite
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"We can complete the fabrication in several days, eliminating the messy three- to six-month process for carbon-carbon composites," says Economy.
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In addition to the production of the CMDF-resin-infused samples, it may also be possible to produced high-value carbon-carbon composites by repeated carbonization and resin infusion of similarly produced samples.
The proving ground for carbon-carbon composites in large-scale power plants will likely be two-stroke Rotax-type engines for personal watercraft and ultralight aircraft, outboard motors, and perhaps motorcycle engines.
Potential uses include twisted structural cables, woven preforms for carbon-carbon composites, and ultra-high-modulus rod structures for military uses.
In aeronautical engineering, Aerolor, a joint venture set up between Le Carbone-Lorraine and Aerospatiale, has recently extended its range of carbon-carbon composites.
The porous carbonized wood may be used for various applications such as filters, or may be further processed to form carbon-polymer or carbon-carbon composites. The carbonized wood may also be converted to a ceramic such as silicon carbide.
A resin matrix recipe With phenol-formaldehyde resin, as well as with certain modifications, has frequently been used in carbon-carbon composites (3, 4).