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CALKCarbonate Alkalinity
CALKComité Animation Lafontaine Kléber (French: Lafontaine Kleber Animation Committee)
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Because the alkalinity component of the CSI is based solely on carbonate alkalinity and TA testing cannot distinguish cyanurates from carbonates/bicarbonates, calculating the index in the presence of high cyanurates will produce erroneous results.
Unusually high pH (alkaline) and chloride-depleted (57 percent seawater dilution) fluids that are rich in methane, ethane, and propane as well as in hydrogen sulfide, carbonate alkalinity, and ammonia, have been recovered from the Conical Seamount, an active low-density serpentinite mud volcano in the Mariana forearc, and in the Chile convergent margin adjacent to the triple junction.
The extractant water was deionized water to which NSF-61-specific reagents were added to produce a pH of 8.0 ([+ or -]0.5), a chlorine residual of 2 mg/L, and a carbonate alkalinity of 50 mg/L as calcium carbonate ([CaCO.sub.3]).
(Soda ash, though less expensive than sodium bicarbonate, adds more sodium to the treated water per unit increase in carbonate alkalinity.) Through this series of tests, the initial treated water chemical stabilization target values for pH and alkalinity were established.