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CES 1Carboxylesterase 1
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We hypothesize that oxidized metabolites of organophosphate insecticides can inhibit the activity of human CE (human carboxylesterase 1, hCE1), which may inappropriately reduce macrophage reverse cholesterol transport.
AI172064 56646 Lgals1 Lectin, galactose 3' binding, soluble 1 J02810 24423 Gstm1 Glutathione S-transferase, mu 1 X04229 H32189 565355 50672 Ednrb Endothelin receptor type B X57764 AA818970 U09540 25426 Cyplbl Cytochrome P450 1b1 X83867 AI176856 M14972 50549 Cyp4a10 Cytochrome P450, 4a10 AA924267 D83538 64161 Pik4ca Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase U39572 J04563 24626 Pde4b Phosphodiesterase 48, cAMP-specific [dunce (Drosophila)- homolog phospho- diesterase E4] M25350 X81395 29225 Cesl Carboxylesterase 1 U10697 (a) http:/www.