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CARCASComputer Aided aRchiving and Change Accounting System
CARCASComputer-Assisted Retrospective Clinical Activities Statistics (Canadian program)
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Growth efficiency of conversion and carcas composition of castrate male Saanen and Saanen x Angora kids on a concentrate diet.
"The bigger the wave, the more the energy," said Max Carcas, business development director of Pelamis.
Max Carcas, commercial director at Pelamis, thinks that wave power will move more quickly than wind did in the 1970s and 1980s, becoming commercially competitive within 10 years.
The only characters that form a team of any kind in the two novels are the two carcas, Wifredo Romarate and Cristobal Pipaon.
And instead of half a pickled cow we were treated to the carcas of a car with its boot full of camping gear.
Rembrandt's Flayed Ox, created in 1655 at a time of great personal misfortune, depicts a "disembowled ox carcas...spread-eagled, lashed to a wooden cross-piece" (Schama 598).
The Russian navy began the task of draining the carcas of the Kursk nuclear submarine and removing the bodies of its crew yesterday.
(Prov.) Wil a crocodile reject carcas? [sic], chances will not be missed.
A monster gastly great, for every plume her carcas beares' (italics mine ); the line is end-stopped, then, but more importantly, reflects Phaer's strategy for giving his line `gravitas' and a stately sound with the iambic beat falling predominantly on strong vowel sounds.
Scotland Men Senior: Luke Traynor (Giffnock), Adam Craig, Andy Douglas (Inverclyde AC), Lachlan Oates (Shettleston Harriers) U23: Ryan Thomson (Cambuslang Harriers), Alex Carcas (Edinburgh AC), James Donald (Dundee Hawkhill Harriers), Jacob Adkin (Keswick) U20: Freddie Carcas, Joe Arthur (Edinburgh AC), Cameron Wright (Kilbarchan AAC), Tristan Rees (Fife AC/Glasgow Uni) Scotland Women: Senior: Mhairi Maclennan, Steph Pennycook (Edinburgh Uni Hare and Hounds), Morag Millar (Central AC) U23: Megan Davies (Sale Harriers), Zoe Bates (Edinburgh AC) U20: Anna Macfadyen (Edinburgh Uni Hare and Hounds), Kerry McAngus (Kilbarchan AAC), Constance Nankivell (East Sutherland/ Edinburgh Uni).