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CTCLCutaneous T Cell Lymphoma
CTCLComputer to Computer Link (investing)
CTCLColleges That Change Lives (college search resource; Westminster, MD)
CTCLCareless Talk Costs Lives (magazine)
CTCLCentral Texas Cricket League (est. 2002)
CTCLCiticorp Trustee Company Limited (London, England, UK)
CTCLChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.
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Residents got used to the hammering and striking at this new 'shipyard' but with the government mantra of "Careless Talk Costs Lives" asked no questions and when enough sections were prepared at Conwy Morfa, they were floated up the coast to Garlieston in Wigtown Bay, Scotland, for testing.
The authorities might have reminded folk that "Careless Talk Costs Lives" and begged them to keep mum but some idiot with an iPhone would have Snapchatted a selfie with the D-Day invasion fleet and the helpful caption: "Look what's coming your way, Adolf." The age of secrets is over.
DURING the last war, it was commonplace to see posters all over the place telling the Nation that "Careless talk costs lives".
Small seaside-style postcards would declare: "Knock the Heil out of Hitler!" or "Let's catch him with his Panzers down!" On a more serious note, our parents and grandparents were warned about potential spies and infiltrators via campaigns based on sayings like: "Careless talk costs lives", or "See everything, hear everything, say nothing!" Most sayings were simple common-sense reminders about daily life in an environment bedevilled by food and clothes shortages.
He also drew the memorable "Careless Talk Costs Lives" posters, warning people against letting slip information useful to the Nazis during the Second World War.
The posters date as far back as the 1930s and were created by some of the foremost graphic designers of their time, including Fougasse, who produced the famous Second World War Careless Talk Costs Lives poster campaign.
Thanks to him, the secret service was controlling every move made by Britain's enemies within - known as Fifth Columnists and the subject of famous poster campaigns with slogans such as "Careless talk costs lives".
In his wartime work for the Ministry of Information he contributed to the Dig for victory, Careless talk costs lives, and Make do and mend campaigns.
THE MESSAGE was plastered over billboards and walls throughout World War Two: "Careless talk costs lives."
"Careless Talk Costs Lives" was a famous poster campaign launched in 1940 showing people chatting in everyday situations such as on a bus or in a telephone booth, not noticing caricatures of Hitler listening to their conversations.
But first the government claimed our attention to instruct us that careless talk costs lives, to remind us to check the blackout curtains, fill in page two of the ration book, save food waste for the pigs.
Careless talk costs lives. You'll have the BBC's drama terror squad after you.