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CARERCommunity, Ageing, Rehabilitation, Education and Research (University of Sheffield; UK)
CARERCentre for Advice, Research and Education on Rights (Malawi)
CARERCenter for the Advancement of Radiation Education And Research
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revise carer training to better meet the needs of carers and the children in their care
Chief executive of Carers UK, Helena Herklots, said: "It is deeply concerning that three-quarters of respondents feel carers are undervalued by society.
If the person being cared for is receiving a "severe disability premium" as part of their benefit entitlement, they will lose this if the carer receives Carer's Allowance.
She does her best to support carers but why is it that we see our beloved MPs such as Nick Brown popping along to give carers a "pat on the back" only once a year?
She said: "I am a carer and during university it was really important I was supported because It helped me stay in education knowing I had support when I needed it.
The charity believes carers' ability to work would be helped by a right to paid carer leave of between five and 10 days, a right from day one in a job to request flexible working, funding for more care to allow carers to juggle work and home and better back-to-work programmes for carers.
Based at Farthing Lane, Sutton Coldfield, the group aims to alleviate stress, support carers and reach out to the 'hidden carers' in society.
What carers have in common is the selflessness and dedication to put their family member or friend's needs before their own, but what they also have in common is an on-going life of isolation, ill-health and poverty.
Depending on political and community realities, these might range from sponsorship by public sector agencies--if funding can be obtained to direct services provided by nonprofits--to volunteer help lines and carer support groups.
To ensure the delivery of quality care throughout the hundreds of communities it serves, Allied offers extensive training programmes to its members - for pre-employment as well as during the course of a nurse or carers career.
At a later date, everyone receiving the Young Carer Grant will also be given a pass for free bus travel.
A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help to a family member or friend, who could not manage without this support.