CARIFESTACaribbean Festival of Arts
CARIFESTACaribbean Festival Association (St. Petersburg, FL)
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Essas organizacoes demandam um conjunto de acoes e atividades, tais como liberdade de movimento atraves das fronteiras dos estados-nacao, (5) mas tambem promovem festivais culturais, como o CARIFESTA, que para alguns parece estabelecer mais pontos de conexao cultural atraves da musica, da danca, das tradicoes e de movimentos sociais e politicos de carater popular.
He was the cultural adviser to the Prime Minister, member of the Inter-American Committee on Culture, founding governor of the Canada-based International Development Research Centre, and had acted as expert/consultant to the government of Ghana, the Second World African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), the Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts (CARIFESTA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
CARRIBEAN FESTIVAL OF ARTS: The event nicknamed "Carifesta" returns after 36 years to Guyana, and is expected to top last year's Cricket World Cup as the country's largest-ever tourist draw.
(4) Aime Cesaire, "Discourse on Colonialism (1950)", Carifesta Forum, An Anthology of 20 Caribbean Voices, John Hearne, ed., Institute of Jamaica and Jamaica Journal, 1976, pp.
The second essay, "Coming, Coming, Coming Home," focuses on language and its link to "regional integration." This essay/speech, the inaugural address at the Carifesta V Symposia Series held in Trinidad in August 1992, addresses the question of Caribbean integration primarily through an examination of the tension between the black and Indian communities on that island.
Thus, in addition to the focus on playwrights and theatre practitioners characteristic of more conventional works of reference, the Guide also has entries on institutional formations such as "masquerades in Africa," the "Yoruba Travelling Theatre" of Nigeria, the "Junction Avenue Theatre Company" of South Africa, "Carifesta," "Jamaica Pantomime," the "Trinidad Carnival," and the "Eastern Caribbean Popular Theatre Organization." There are useful cross-references throughout, as well as short bibliographies after major entries.
Art and culture lovers will want to attend CARIFESTA V, sponsored by the CARICOM (Caribbean Common market and Community) governments this August in Trinidad.
Keith Rowley said while there were positives to be proud of in recent times such as the staging of CARIFESTA, and the move towards a new, cooperative Caribbean framework, there have also been 'lows' on the national landscape.