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Lockheed Martin's Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) proved its carrier suitability on an F/A-18F Super Hornet in a series of tests that concluded in late August at the Naval Air Warfare Center at Patuxent River, MD.
The technology was presented to pilots and engineers by way of a NAVAIR-built flight simulator that allowed test pilots from the VX-23 Salty Dogs carrier suitability department to collect feedback from more than 500 fellow aviators.
The aircraft possesses uncompromised carrier suitability and low-maintenance stealth materials designed for long-term durability in the carrier environment.
Developmental, carrier suitability, EW integration, electromagnetic compatibility, electronic combat simulation, electrical performance, environmental qualification and reliability growth tests all have been successfully completed, according to the contractors.
"Since beginning shore-based carrier suitability testing in January 2014 with the redesigned hook system, test results have been positive with the ultimate proof coming in the success of DTI," said Bryan Racine, F-35 ship suitability team lead.
For example, the Navy has specific stringent requirements for Carrier Suitability Tests (catapault launches and arrested landings) as well as Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation Ordnance (HERO) shipboard safety requirements.
The golfer was indeed Alan Shepard, whom I met at the Carrier Suitability Branch as Alan was leaving for NASA astronaut training (later to be the first American in space), and I was just reporting into the [branch].
MPS developmental testing was conducted in seven phases, which included extensive ground testing, carrier suitability, separation and captive carriage tests and two live-fire events.