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C/NCarrier-To-Noise Ratio
C/NConstruction Number (aircraft industry)
C/NCoulombs Per Newton
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The UFX-EbNo generator utilizes the substitution calibration method to set all of the desired carrier-to-noise ratios.
In the engineering practice is more useful to be operated with logaritmic units (dB), because calculation of the values of carrier-to-noise ratio comes to an adding or/and odding.
This is expected since the cascaded noise increases along the path and the carrier-to-noise ratio decreases.
With on-site applications engineers, carrier-to-noise ratio machining and a full tool and die shop, companies can quickly produce prototypes and production parts for demanding schedules.
Built-in measurement capability includes channel power, adjacent-channel power, occupied bandwidth, carrier-to-noise ratio and noise power.
Frequency errors can be up to [+ or -]2 kHz and minimum carrier-to-noise ratio is 46 dB/Hz.
o], except a carrier-to-noise ratio is based on carrier output level, output C/N ratio and system bandwidth.
The acceptable IMD level usually depends on the carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) required at the receiver.
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