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CASANOVACarotid Artery Surgery Asymptomatic Narrowing Operation Versus Aspirin
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Tindall's Casanova is an episodic storyline moving between Venice and Paris.
Arthur Schnitzler en El retorno de Casanova y Sandor Marai en La amante de Bolzano pintaron con los colores mas crudos la vejez de Casanova.
During this meeting, Casanova has informed the Governor that the funding forms a part of initiatives to strengthen irrigation farming and bolster food security in the region.
Casanova said the same approach of forging joint ventures and partnerships would be used for other interested foreign investors.
De lo que se trata es de observar como desde esa perspectiva hay mujeres, Sofia Casanova entre ellas, que mediante su identidad nacional generan una forma de sortear transversalmente la categoria de genero para constituir su sujeto ciudadano.
BCDA, the state manager of former military properties, has discussed the plan with the government agency tasked to manage disaster risk, Casanova said.
Under the agreement, the university will lease the 29,000-square-foot piece of the Casanova Center to PHIT LLC, a business entity controlled by Knight.
Sam Leach, promoter Sam Leach, who gave Cilla her first regular paid gig at the Casanova Club, in the 1960s, said: "It's very sad.
The board's decision on Vides Casanova is significant not only for its use of the concept of "command responsibility," but also for the fact that the general was once a close ally of the United States, and the highest-ranking military commander successfully prosecuted under a provision of the 2004 law.
Casanova and his team drilled two 40-foot wells about 20 feet on either side of the most contaminated area of the canal.
Author Kara Casanova recognized she had a unique, marketable storybook soon after completing the manuscript in 2006.
TUCKED away on a side street in the centre of Cardiff, family-run Casanova offers a welcome change to the dozens of Italian chain restaurants that have sprung up in the city.