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Net cash flows from investing activities for the six months ended June 30, 2019 resulted in a cash outflow of [yen]92,938 million (compared with a cash outflow of [yen]28,585 million for the same period of the previous fiscal year).
For the cash flows from investing activities, net cash used in investing activities was 7,830 million yen primarily due to the acquisition of property, plant and equipment.
Cash flow statement is a combination of three cash flows, cash flows from operating activities, cash flows from investing activities and cash flows from financing activities.
We do not anticipate any large investments other than capital spending, and as a result, we expect cash flows from investing activities to remain level with the previous fiscal year.
This is the result of an improvement in operating income and an increase in cash flows from operating activities, due to a decrease in accounts receivables and lower levels of inventory, in combination with lower than expected cash flows from investing activities due to efficient execution of capital expenditures in SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
CFI is cash flows from investing activities as reported on the statement of cash flows.
Cash Flow Statement Cash from Operating Activities Net Income [*] $350,000 Changes in Assets and Liabilities Accounts Receivable ($320,000 ) Inventory ($5,000 ) Prepaid Expense ($10,000 ) Accounts Payable $20,000 Income Tax Payable $2,000 ($313,000 ) Operating Cash Flow $37,000 before Depreciation $20,000 Depreciation [**] Cash Flow from Operations $57,000 Cash Flows from Investing Purchase of Property, ($10,000 ) Plant, Equipment Cash Flows from Financing Increase in short $0 term debt Long Term Debt ($40,000 ) Capital Stock $0 Dividends $0 ($40,000 ) Change in Cash $7,000 (*)Net Income is obtained from the Income Statement (**)Depreciation Expense is obtained from the Balance Sheet
While cash flows from investing and financing are important components, the most scrutinized figure is likely to be cash flow from operations.