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CVVCard Verification Value (credit card security)
CVVConseil des Ventes Volontaires (French: Council of Voluntary Sales; auctions)
CVVCard Verification Value
CVVComputer Vision and Voice
CVVCard Validation Value
CVVCash Value Voucher (USDA)
CVVCercle de la Voile de Valence (French sailing club)
CVVCercle de la Voile de Vidy (French)
CVVCompressor Variable Vane
CVVChi Vivrà Vedrà
CVVAircraft Carrier, Medium Size
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These Cash Value Vouchers are issued monthly and provide eligible women with $10 per month and eligible children with $6 per month to purchase fruits and vegetables.
A list of states that allow Cash Value Vouchers to be used at farmers' markets is at http://www.