CASIAChinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation
CASIAConnecticut Alarm and Systems Integrators Association (est. 1974)
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In addition, Pattern matching efficiency rate in RPPM method is significantly improved with the application of double hashing procedure by 14% using CASIA Palm print image database.
Las sustancias aromaticas eran: casia, azafran e incienso.
En ese sitio, en su Biblioteca Griega, me entere de la existencia de Casia, pues alli esta el poema que copio, dedicado a Maria Magdalena (1).
The iris data are captured from 60 people by using three different kinds of iris sensors (BERC, CASIA V1.
huc ades, o formose puer: tibi lilia plenis ecce ferunt Nymphae calathis; tibi candida Nais, pallentis uiolas et summa papauera carpens, narcissum et florem iungit bene olentis anethi; tum casia atque aliis intexens suauibus herbis mollia luteola pingit uaccinia calta.
In vivo anti-malarial activity of Casia occidentalis, Morinda morindoides and Phyllanthus niruri.
1] General Practitioner, Casia Medical Services, 15 Kigoma Street, Wuse, Zone 7, Abuja, Nigeria & School of Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK; [2] Senior Lecturer in Women's Health, School of Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.
In one, uncontrolled study of elderly diabetes patients, Gilden and colleagues (Gilden, Hendryx, Casia, & Singh, 1989) found that those whose spouses also participated in diabetes education showed greater improvement in diabetes knowledge, metabolic control, and stress level than those who participated alone.
The May 2 march followed a Mass at Santa Rita de Casia Church presided over by Cardinal Jaime Ortega, who told parishioners, including 13 Damas, that he had intervened with authorities to allow the women to resume their small protests.
22 Santa Rita de Casia (1381-1457, Italia) Santa Causas imposibles, heridas y problemas maritales.
Katrina Fox, 29, from Bournemouth, is mum to Corey, two, and nine-month-old Casia.