CASIAChinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation
CASIAConnecticut Alarm and Systems Integrators Association (est. 1974)
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Reflecting on her period as Bardd Plant Cymru 2017-19, Casia Wiliam said: "I've had an amazing two years spent in the company of children from all kinds of different backgrounds - some with the Welsh language flowing freely out of their mouths, and others who've only just started to learn and get to know the old language.
The shrubs implanted during the drive were Ficus hawi, Bougainvillea, Casia glauca, Plambago, Hypericum, Hamelia pattens, Jatropha, Erithrina blacki, Hibiscus, Psuedonia, Silvery, Duranta, Roses.
AVERAGE PROCESSING TIME (MS) FOR THE PROPOSED METHOD Dataset CASIA (320x280) IITD (320x240) Average processing 77.67 66.06 time
The authors used the joint color-texture information from the luminance and chrominance channels using a color LBP descriptor and presented promising results on CASIA and Replay-Attack databases.
The original images are collected from the Dataset MICC-F220 [4] and CASIA v2.0 [33].
The developed iris recognition system was tested with five databases from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation (CASIA) Database.
To prove the performance of image authentication we evaluate the image authentication performance using CASIA, Realistic Tampering Dataset (RTD) and newly created database.
El Tribunal Supremo confirma la sentencia de la Audiencia Provincial de Madrid, de 30 de septiembre de 2013, que <<declara acreditado la existencia de un titulo valido a favor de la entidad recurrida para justificar el dominio de los tapices y tambien, como presupuesto de la accion reivindicatoria, la ausencia de derecho de la parte recurrente--"Asociacion Civil Santa Rita de Casia Madrid 1834" y la "Fundacion Santa Rita de Casia"--a poseerlos, al tratarse de entidades diferenciadas de la primera asociacion religiosa>> (15).
At 0.5, 3, 6, and 12 months after trabeculectomy, filtering bleb images (8 x 8 mm square) were acquired via 3D AS-OCT (CASIA; Tomey, Nagoya, Japan) as described previously [4-6].
Speech Emotion Database of Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) [47] is a Chinese database that consists of recordings from 4 actors in 6 different emotions.
The aim of this study was to comparatively analyse the central and peripheral corneal thickness in PEX patients using three different imaging systems: Pentacam-Scheimpflug camera, Visante time-domain OCT, and Casia swept-source OCT.