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CASTNOCast Number (urinalysis)
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Cast number of the teeth that convicted strangler Gordon Hay LINDA Peacock, 15, went missing on August 6, 1967, after an evening out near her home in Biggar, Lanarkshire.
There was a joyous rendition of Finetime, before Power wrapped a plaintive vocal around Walkaway (the first Cast number to feature strings incidentally), and band and orchestra swept the crowd to their feet with a sing-along Alright.
He said: "I wrote the opening sequence of part one which is a full cast number where Michael comes on stage and that sets the tone for the night.
Guan, who trained in China for the Peking Opera Dance ensemble: 18--the full cast numbers more than 50.
The international community has become numb to its impact with the cast numbers, regional reach and sense of political impasse.
The cast numbers about 30, representing colorful townspeople swirling around the main characters: the wretched Scrooge; the poor but happy Cratchit family; the affecting, handicapped little boy named Tiny Tim; and the three Ghosts of Christmas who make Scrooge see the light.
The bands lined up included DAVE MOSELY, THE CHAPMAN FAMILY and NINE BLACK ALPS, while penultimate performers THE JOHN POWER BAND whipped the audience into '90s nostalgia frenzy by breaking an eight-year freeze on old Cast numbers.
The cast numbers 29 actors, most of them professionals and some local performers including children from Worcester and surrounding towns.
People were told: "We've talked for some time about a need to reduce cast numbers, so let's bear that in mind when we discuss new long-term narratives.
The set is adequate-lots of painted curtains and screens -and one cannot complain about cast numbers.
The WCLOC cast numbers over 20 and includes such well known local performers as Doug Ingalls (as Whiteside), Sally Holden and Linda Oroszko.
Its over-riding feel good factor is underlined by a series of belting cast numbers delivered in rousing Oliver-meets-Half-a-Sixpence fashion and with bright and breezy choreography from Liverpool-born Lee Kelly.