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CASUConseiller d'Administration Scolaire et Universitaire (French: School and University Administration Advisor)
CASUCooperative Administrative Support Unit (GSA)
CASUCarrier Aircraft Service Unit (USN)
CASUCambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (UK)
CASUCombat Aircraft Service Unit (US DoD)
CASUClient Advisory Services Unit (Oregon Health Plan)
CASUCentrale d'Appels Sanitaires Urgents (Geneva, Switzerland medical emergencies call center)
CASUCollege of Arts Student Union (University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
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Quidquid est, opinionum hac de re in doctrina diversitas permittit tenere quod in casu habetur dubium iuris, atqui "in dubio standum est pro reo".
Correspondence should be addressed to Cinzia Casu;
For the culinarily insane, Italy presents "casu marzu," which directly translates to "rotten cheese." The European Union banned the cheese decades ago, which is infested with squirming live maggots.
No havi casu rust a Tin cost Wedn Not having to casually rustle up Man costume by Wednesday.
First, as regards the analysis of private international law, the Liege Court of Appeal starts by admitting the paradox between, on the one hand, the requirement that the Belgian judge should take into consideration the interpretation of foreign (in casu Iranian) laws while, on the other hand, stating that no interpretation, whether in case law or in legal doctrine for the Iranian rules in the present case exists.
CASU Mazu isn't just an acquired taste but it is also an illegal one.
an ethnomethodologically informed analysis of everyday discursive practices through which social reality (in casu 'NGO management') is constructed and social order achieved within an existing institutional and cultural structure; and, an analysis of institutionalised discourses, which is based on more post-structuralist and Foucauldian ideas and considerations.
Beccalli, Casu, and Girardone (23) use data from a sample of banks in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to estimate XE for 1999 and 2000, a period when there was increasing pressure to increase returns for shareholders.
Predstavlja pregled raziskav na podrocju upravljanja zasebnih podatkov in studijo razdrobljenost podatkov na treh oseh: programski opremi, casu in vodenju zasebnih projektov.