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CASREPCasualty Report
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has shared its casualty reports with Taliban officials who have an office in Doha, capital of the Gulf nation of Qatar.
No casualty reports were immediately available, he said, adding the attack took place at around 5:30 a.
The author draws on a number of sources: the US Navy's Survivors Statements, the US Coast Guard's War Action Casualty Reports, the Coast Guard's War Casualty Shipping Records, Cadet Voyage Reports of the US Merchant Marine Academy, and war journals of various U-boats.
The blood-thickened mud in the streets of Sadr City marks this adventure's butcher's bill in newspaper photos almost every day, just as a new fresh-faced casualty reports for duty in desert fatigues or a high school headshot in the obituaries.
It is citizens who find three deaths per day repulsive, while ignorant that their freedom was won in battles with casualty reports rounded to the nearest thousand.
Casualty reports in the seizure varied, but one official said early today that 16 people were killed - 12 inside the school, two who died in hospital and two others whose bodies still lay outside the school and could not be removed because of gunfire.
There was no confirmation of any casualties, and initial casualty reports have proven incorrect in the past.
An Associated Press reporter at the scene could not get close enough to verify the casualty reports and was fired on by one of the tanks with three rounds from its 50-calibre machine gun.
6 earthquake was felt in southwestern Pakistan today but there were no immediate damage or casualty reports.