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The Catch of the Day works are around 35cm tall and 35cm wide and the collection of more than 100 all have unique designs.
Seascape's 'catch of the day' is charged per kilo, while a regular menu featuring a selection of pasta, salads, side dishes, desserts, and drinks are on the offer.
Raju Mathew got the biggest catch of the day which was a 3.45kg cockpit.
She looked about as comfortable wielding the knife as Monty Panesar does with a bat in his hands and by the time she'd finished filleting the catch of the day it was hard to tell whether it was beef or salmon.
21 -- Only the freshest catch of the day at the Seafood Market in Okra.
When Wal-Mart's new Sam's Club in Guangzhou, China, opened in October, the catch of the day included fresh crocodile.
The winner of each category will receive dhs2,000, and the biggest catch of the day will receive a price of dhs10,000.
CATCH OF THE DAY: The lads are shown the fine art of gutting a fish, above, two of the youngsters show off their catches, left and right, and below the group make their way out to sea ;HOT ROD: This young lad casts a line into the water to see if he'll get a bite ;GONE FISHING: One of the lads reels in two fish, below, another has trouble unhooking a fish from his line, above, and this lad prepares his hook to try and catch his dinner ;CAST OFF: A youngster casts his line into the sea in the hope of netting a prize catch, above, and the rest of the group enjoy the boat ride, below
You devote the better part of the issue to all that is wrong with the mass killing of wild fish species, then devote a page and a pullout to advising your readers which fish they should eat ["Navigating the Catch of the Day"].
"Downstairs has a cigar bar and a quaint dance floor." while the upper level is reserved for dining on prime cuts and the catch of the day.
Catch of the day; Sir Malcolm and Fiona leave church
A wire mesh also links them, holding two little starfish as if in a net--the romantic catch of the day. Two hairy fringes--they look like false eyelashes (a feminine association supported by the warm pink-red light cast onto the wall behind them)--hover in front of the squiggle.