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CAT-5Category 5 Cable (networking)
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Category 5 cable can simultaneously handle student Internet use and administrator downloads, monitor heating and cooling systems, and keep school campuses safer.
Likewise, up until last year, there were limited choices of pan, zoom, and tilt security cameras-which allow for wide rotation angles--that could operate over category 5 cable.
Structured wiring, using Category 5 cables or better, can transmit more information faster.
Users can view presentations, even on runs as long as 330 feet, through the Lynx Video Network (LVN), from Lynx Broadband, which delivers video to offices and classrooms on common Category 5 cable. Lynx Broadband is a division of BH Electronics, headquartered in Minneapolis.
Category 5 cable access enables the placement of one user console as far as 1,0000' away from the switch, while the other user is located near the switch.
Regardless of which high-speed network components are selected, when Category 5 cable is properly installed, the network owner can rest assured the cable is properly even at maximum throughput rates.
Before an installer or network owner can certify Category 5 cable runs, there first must be an agreed-upon standard against which everyone compares the measured performance of installed links.
Also from Panduit, the Pan-Way T-45 Surface Raceway is a multi-channel capable system that has the ability to route up to 34 Category 5 cables (8-17 workstations) within a compact 2" footprint.
"I'd pull [install] two category 5 cables now; it takes as much labor to pull two as to pull one - just leave them in the wall," Saucier says.
We also recommend installing two coaxial cables along with the category 5 cables; home technology displays we saw at the recent PCBC Western Building Show used paired coaxial cable for the interactive connections of future two-way data transmission links.
The horizontal cabling includes 7,000 Category 5 cables; specifically, 1.27 million feet of CMR Category 5 and 105,000 feet of CMP Category 5 cabling.