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CAT6Category 6 UTP Cable (computer networks)
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Tenders are invited for existing cable raceways in the apartments shall be demolished and new cable raceways shall be installed to accommodate category 6 utp cable.
The Category 6 UTP cable shall be Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed type MPR, MPP,
The Category 6 UTP cables shall be run using a star topology format from Telecommunications
Coil category 6 utp 4 pair 24 awg copper cm, jacket with gray flame retardant,8-pin modular connector, 50 micron category 6 rj45,sc fiber optic connectors,couplet fiber sc,organizers category 6 utp cable for use in a 1u enclosure etc.
Most cabling manufacturers have conceded that Category 6 and enhanced Category 6 UTP cables do not have the performance characteristics to support 10 gigabit at 90 meters.