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CACPCanadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CACPCoalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
CACPCommunity Aged Care Package (Australia)
CACPCamptodactyly-Arthropathy-Coxa vara-Pericarditis syndrome
CACPClean Air-Cool Planet (global warming)
CACPCatholics Against Capital Punishment
CACPCommunauté d'Agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise (French: Agglomeration Community of Cergy-Pontoise; Cergy-Pontoise, France)
CACPCertified Anticoagulation Care Provider
CACPCentral Arbitration Control Point
CACPCertified Anticoagulation Provider
CACPCrédit Agricole Charente-Périgord (French bank)
CACPConsent Assessment of Civil Penalty (legal agreement)
CACPCommission for Agricultural Cost and Price (India)
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The one-page brochure is available from Catholics Against Capital Punishment at P.
Similarly, pronouncements of groups like the Michigan Catholic Conference and the bishops of the Atlanta province -- statements not always seen even in the Catholic press -- are recalled for the growing number of Catholics who subscribe ($25 a year, PO Box 3125, Arlington, VA 22203) to the evermore impressive newsletter of Catholics Against Capital Punishment.
The founder of Catholics Against Capital Punishment is a retired civil servant.