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CATUCeramic and Allied Trades Union
CATUComputer Analysis and Technology Unit
CATUCouncil of Atlantic Telecommunications Unions
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The official said health teams had been sent to the areas included Mur, Tarpas, Chawkari CATu and Guli Sai villages, where typhoid and measles infected many since last week.
131) The same year a commemorative plaque was unveiled at the CATU headquarters on the site of the old Female Operatives Hall, where it remains to this day.
Terry Pye, Amicus Midlands secretary, said it was a regional initiative taking in pioneering work by the formerly-named ceramics union CATU in the badly-hit Potteries industry.
La traduccion es de Miguel Melgarejo Bringas y Leobardo Catu Torraiba.
CATU general secretary Geoff Bagnall said workers at Nile Street - about 50 of whom are expected to transfer to Festival Park - felt a mixture of anger and sadness at the cuts.
Potters' union CATU said it had been informed about the fears for Nile Street, Doulton's last remaining manufacturing plant in Stoke-on-Trent.
Rao and Shulman describe for us what amounts to a catu ontology, in which poets are omniscient beings with "divine gifts," fully capable of transforming reality with their words (pp.
Catu has small cream seed, resistance to anthracnose (Co-2 synonym Are gene) and BCMV (I gene), and Type III growth habit.
When her elderly grandfather passes on, orphaned Indian tot Taina (Eunice Baia) wanders with her pet monkey Catu into the isolated hut inhabited by genial hydroplane pilot Rudi (Jairo Mattos) on the Rio Negro's banks.
This meant discharging stormwater runoff and wastewater effluents directly into the Catu River, untreated.