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CATUCeramic and Allied Trades Union
CATUComputer Analysis and Technology Unit
CATUCouncil of Atlantic Telecommunications Unions
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Some of the translations are not quite "honest" in terms of the literal "word," but again, the feeling--the "punch" that each poem carries--is quite the same in the original and in the translation, and at times, the original poem is actually improved by the inspired English versions of the translators, who seem to have themselves become gleeful inhabitants of the catu world of composition.
I suspect that these titles are meant to serve as an invitation to the reader to participate in the catu world by grounding the poems or through providing a more familiar English referent.
What Rao and Shulman proceed to describe, however, is something more akin to a deep literary "engagement," or perhaps a generative poetic system, but their claim that the catu world of composition is driven by a "system" in the same sense that classical poetry is driven by one of poetics and criticism is an intriguing idea, though one that is probably wrong in the end.
In addition, the city of Catu has begun to sell recyclable materials from the landfill to purchase food for the city's poor.
The story of Halliburton and Catu is one of 12 case studies discussed in the 1999 report Fostering Environmental Prosperity, published by the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), a nonprofit organization of major global companies who contend that good environmental practices and good business practices go hand-in-hand--even when doing business in a developing country with low environmental standards.
CATU represents over 13,500 pottery workers in the UK, many of which work in the Stoke area.
Industry Leaders Adopt the CATU Egg Tracking & Traceability System To Protect The Public From Salmonella In Eggs And Egg Products
Known as the CATU Egg Tracking & Traceability System, this software solution will further aid in the effort to isolate and recall affected egg products before they reach supermarket shelves and the carts of shoppers.
As to other construction, work on a 475-mile stretch of Gasene to link Cacimbas to the town of Catu in the northeastern state of Bahia is expected to start in November and conclude in November 2007.
It will also open markets between Cabiunas in Rio de Janeiro, and Catu in Bahia state.
Toyo Engineering was awarded a contract by Petrobras to build 311 miles of the 761-mile pipeline between Catu and Pilar and to connect two other sections in northeastern Brazil.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aliant) and the CATU, representing approximately 4,300 employees, was signed on September 16, 2004 and will expire on December 31, 2007.