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CAUCACódigo Aduanero Uniforme Centro Américano (Guatemala)
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Valle del Cauca will benefit from the technology transfer processes to be developed by Furukawa Electric, which is the third largest producer in the world in this field.
During January 2007-December 2008, health institutions in Valle del Cauca sent M.
One of the most important pastimes in Cauca is the currulao, a community get-together that involves playing and dancing to marimba music at the "marimba house," where master artists store their instruments.
The company fully owns the Cauca sugar cane plantation, 52% of the Providencia plantation, and 350 of the Risaralda plantation, founded in 1979 with investment from the Coffee Growers' Foundation, the Colombian state, and the Western Financial Corporation, dominated by Citibank.
The rebels said three unidentified police officers and a soldier will be freed first, followed by former governor Alan Jara of southern Meta state, kidnapped in July 2001; and Valle del Cauca regional politician Sigifredo Lopez, held since April 2002.
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More importantly, this cultural movement had a significant political impact in that it created links between the new national intellectuals of the 1930s and the social indigenous movement in the southwestern department of the Cauca.
The development of Colombian archaeology is closely linked to the interest in the colossal statuary art and intricate metalwork of the upper Cauca and Magdalena valleys, home to such legendary and thoroughly looted sites as San Agustin, Tierradentro, Isnos and, most recently and spectacularly, Malagana.
3) Pacifica states include: Cauca, Choco, Narino, Valle del Cauca, and Santa fe de Bogota (4) Oriental states include: Boyaca, Cundinamarca, Meta, Norte de Santander, and Santander.
As part of the Vaile del Cauca state government, Tascon consulted on infrastructure projects.
Prominent indigenous leaders in northern Cauca have been kidnapped or assassinated by the FARC, which seeks to be the exclusive voice of Colombia's poor.