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Several studies mention cavoatrial junction as the preferred site10.
In some studies which have kept middle to lower parts of Superior Vena Cava as positions of choice for catheter tip along with cavoatrial junction, complication rates as high as 56% have been reported6,7.
Cavoatrial Junction and Central venous Anatomy: implications for Central Venous access tip position.
She presented for routine restaging positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) (Figures 1(a) and2(a)2(c)) which showed an F(18) fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) avid focus in the lower superior vena cava (SVC) just above the cavoatrial junction adjacent to the catheter tip of her right chest wall port.
CMR provides a unique diagnostic tool for evaluating a hypermetabolic cavoatrial junction mass.
used CMR to diagnose a hypometabolic left ventricle mass as chronic bland thrombus, our case is the first to apply CMR to confirm bland thrombus at the cavoatrial junction associated with catheter tip FDG avidity [11].
It is then advanced proximally toward the heart through increasingly larger veins until the tip rests in the distal superior vena cava or cavoatrial junction.
A chest x-ray obtained after the procedure should raise concerns if the catheter tip does not overlie the expected location of the cavoatrial junction.