CAVRCanadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources
CAVRContinuous Arteriovenous Rewarming (cardiology)
CAVRClean Air Visibility Rule (US EPA)
CAVRCanadian Agreement on Vehicle Registration
CAVRCanadians Advocating Vapers Rights (consumer advocacy)
CAVRCenter for Audio-Visual Research
CAVRCompleteness, Accuracy, Validity and Restricted access (financial accounting)
CAVRCalculation And Analyses Verification Record
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Professor John Barbur of the CAVR at City shared his proposal for a time-efficient two-step process for advanced colour vision testing, based on the Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) test.
While not discounting the importance of memorialisation as expressed through CAVR, Judith Bovenseipen suggests that healing the post-conflict sociopolitical landscape is more complex and requires more than just disclosure.
Esto sumado a la desestabilizacion activa de Indonesia, no permitio que Portugal tuviera la capacidad de poner en practica un proceso de descolonizacion (CAVR, 2005, pag.
Unfulfilled expectations: Community views on CAVR's community reconciliation process.
In 2001, the UNTAET mandated the establishment of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation/Com/ssao de Acolhimento, Verdade e Reconciliagao de Timor (CAVR).
My presentation addressed CAVR truth-seeking [in Timor-Leste] and the follow-up activities undertaken by Post-CAVR following the end of CAVR.
Case study: The CAVR and Displaced Persons: A Gendered Perspective
(71) Civil society suspicions that UNTAET would not support an international criminal tribunal were not assuaged by CAVR. Indeed, the perception of CAVR was that its very existence would be used by UNTAET as an excuse for not moving forward to prosecute Indonesians suspected of crimes against humanity.
Due to lack of cooperation from Indonesia in handing over suspects still in Indonesian territory, both the Special Panels and the CAVR were forced to focus on Timorese nationals who participated in violent acts, either as guerrillas in Falintil or as collaborators with the Indonesian forces.
11), while the CAVR Report claimed that the CRP provided symbolic closure.
East Timor's Truth and Reconciliation Commission ("CAVR"), for example, is widely credited as being more successful than the TRCs in South Africa or Sierra Leone at reintegrating perpetrators into their communities and promoting reconciliation.