CBASCommunity-Based Adult Services (California Department of Health Care Services)
CBASComputer-Based Accounting Systems
CBASCognitive Behavioral Analysis System (psychotherapy)
CBASCoaching Behavior Assessment System (sports psychology)
CBASCarrying Bibles around School
CBASCorporate Business Applications Support
CBASCentre for Biomedicine and Society (King's College London; UK)
CBASComputer Business Applications Specialist (various locations)
CBASCredit Balance Analysis System (software)
CBASCincinnati Book Arts Society (Ohio)
CBASComputrols Building Automation System (building automation software)
CBASCollege of Basic and Applied Sciences (various universities)
CBASCommand Budget Automated System
CBASComputerized Building Automation System
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By working with SeniorServ and other CBAS centers, PACE will be able to expand quickly to benefit our growing senior population.
The CBA will be valid for two years and represents an important step forward in one of the companys most important markets.
22) In Canada, IBAS negotiated between northern Aboriginal communities and mining companies or hydroelectric agencies have become standard practice, but there are only a few examples where employment equity has been incorporated into PLAS or CBAS for urban development projects.
The inner layer, which is similar to the Hybrid vascular graft, contains an end-point bonded heparin, and this CBAS is affixed to the ePTFE lumen to support resistance to thrombosis.
For CBAs to provide benefits to communities, for instance,
Up until that time, a CBA increase was always granted across-the-board.
The examples of CBAs and inclusionary zoning show that much of this local innovation is attempting to fill in the gaps of what federal civil rights law currently covers by explicitly addressing barriers that go to economic and class-based exclusions.
The melting temperature of the polypropylene matrix is between 160 and 170[degrees]C and the melting temperature of the polyethylene in the CBAs is around 100[degrees]C.
Patriot also proposed terminating CBAs that apply to operations not involved in the Blackhawk sale, including the Federal No.
In other words, the culture of work needs to become a welcoming one, and CEOs can help create such a culture by working to change the CBA, implementing a mentoring program (including extra pay for mentors), and otherwise creating onboarding programs that encourage existing employees to behave in a welcoming manner.
Mandate the use of CBAs to support resource-informed decision making.
These are attributes that sustain communities, and these are attributes that we honour at the CBAs every year.