CC2Cyberconnect2 Co. Ltd. (Japan)
CC2Campaign Cartographer 2
CC2Commitment Complex 2
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The grade II listed elements of CC2 (ie the building and its courtyard) as well as the grade II listed "cellarage below site of palace yard" and the grade II* listed medieval basement on the site of the Old Star Inn will be retained.
Demographic characteristics of participants did not differ significantly across CC1, CC2, and CC3, suggesting no influence on cultural competency (see Table 1).
pneumoniae STs belonging to CC1 and ST22 were type 1, and STs belong to CC2 were type 2.
As of April 9, CC2 housed 10 pregnant women and 61 children.
Cc2 was mainly calcite (CaC[O.sub.3] 91-100%; MgC[O.sub.3] 0-5%; FeC[O.sub.3] 0-5%; MnC[O.sub.3] 0-2%) (Figure 8), with [[delta].sup.13[[C.sub.V-PDB]/[per thousand] values from +1.60 [per thousand] to +3.50 [per thousand] (av.
Table-III: Percentage of embryos falling within optimal ranges proposed for t2, t3, t5, cc2 and s2.
Once the RCN assumed ownership and control of the vessels, designating them CC1 and CC2, they served ably.
Caption: 1.Helio Oiticica, Cosmococa CC2 Onobject, 1973/2014, two-channel slide projection, sound, urethane foam, fabric.
All schizophrenia groups (paranoid, disorganised, undifferentiated, residual) had a smaller sized callosal subregion CC2 than the control group (p=0.007, p=0.003, p=0.030, p=0.030, respectively).