CcVVCalvary Chapel Vail Valley (Vail, CO)
CcVVCat Club Vaud, Valais, Fribourg (Switzerland)
CcVVCenter for Computer Vision and Visualization (University of Florida)
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CVV and CCVV) attest four of the ten LTCs: /H[??]:H[??]/, /H[??]H:H[??]/, /LH[??]:L/, /L[??]:H[??]/.
In addition, one inmate wrote, "My spelling of angel and angle," another said, "VVCVC, CCVC, CCVV so on and so on," a third participant wrote, "That with a little push in a direction, I can go a long way." These quotes demonstrate individual personalities and learning.
English: [??]?aeg: [??] veit] (c)vcc cv cvvc French: [a g[??]a [??]ve:] vv ccvv cvvv This is a loose visual rendering of the phonetic events, in which more or less instantaneous articulations are rendered with one letter, and successively longer phonetic events are rendered with two or three successive letters.
6 letters Cvv.vvC HAO.UAT (24.42) Tun HOO.UEL (38.38) CCv.vCC FLE.ESH (23.32) WHE.ELS (36.36) vCC.CCv UCH.HNA (32.23) Ban IKH.SHA (28.28) Egy vvC.Cvv AAS.BAI (21.12) w2 EAR.NEE (24.24) 8 letters CCvC.CvCC SKID.DING (43.34) CLOT.TING (50.50) CCvv.vvCC CvCC.CCvC BARD.SHIP (25.52) MENS.TRAL (51.51) CvCv.vCvC REHO.USES (46.64) VENE.ERER (46.46)w2 Cvvv.vvvC TOUA.OUIL (57.57) Mor vvCv.vCvv OURO.ULOU (69.69)Cha vCvv.vvCv AZAO.UIDI (43.43)Mor vCvC.CvCv UNIT.RINE (64.46) ENIG.MATA (35.35) num.