CCAGConnecticut Citizen Action Group
CCAGCahier des Clauses Administratives Générales
CCAGCaroona Coal Action Group (Australia)
CCAGCoastal Concern Action Group (Norfolk, UK)
CCAGCévennes Club Alpine Gordini (French: Cevennes Gordini Alpine Club; Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas, France)
CCAGCreek Connections Action Group (San Jose, CA)
CCAGCarbon County Arts Guild (est. 1973; Carbon County, MT)
CCAGClassic Console and Arcade Gaming Show (trade show)
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Governor Napolitano directed the CCAG to prepare an
In establishing the CCAG, the governor recognized that
Donovan, a leader among house progressives, was a former CCAG grassroots organizer who held a day job as a staffer for the union representing workers at state community colleges.
So in 1980 CCAG launched a new alliance with dissident unions, the state's National Organization for Women and other groups to try out a new strategy: recruiting and electing legislative candidates directly from the ranks of citizen-activist constituencies.
It is a framework agreement with purchase orders governed by the ccag / fcs.
qualified as a service contract, it is governed by the provisions of the ccag applicable to public procurement of common goods and services approved by order of 19.
The market is broken down as follows: - a project management assistance mission leading to the conclusion of an ordinary contract and comprising: ophase 1: ophase 2 diagnosis: ophase 3 master plan: programming each of its phases is defined in accordance with the provisions of article 20 of the ccag pi, - the performance of ad hoc technical assistance missions the purpose and content of which can not be defined beforehand and giving rise to the conclusion of a framework agreement with a purchase order pursuant to article 78 - paragraph 3 of the decree no.
the ccag retained is therefore the one applicable to the public supply and service contracts (fcs) approved by the decree of january 19th, 2009.
The services are subject to 9 phases, for each of the project management missions, within the meaning of article 20 ccag pi, defined as follows: phase 1: diagnostics, phase 2: preliminary project, phase 3: project study, phase 4: assistance for the award of construction contracts, phase 5: compliance review, phase 6: direction of execution of the works contract, phase 7: assistance during reception operations, phase 8: complementary mission: the overall execution time for services starts from the date of the contract notification and is fixed as follows: 21 months.
cDNA (2 [micro]L) was tested with real-time Sybr Green PCR reagent (Invitrogen) with specific primers (forward/ reverse: PEPCK: GAGTGCCCATCGAAGG CAT/CCAGTGCG CCAG GTAC TTG; [beta]-actin: GCCCTAGACTTCGAGC/CTTT ACGGATGTCAACGT).