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CDPSColorado Department of Public Safety
CDPSCooperative Distributed Problem Solving
CDPSColorado Discharge Permit System (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
CDPSCirencester Deer Park School (UK)
CDPSConsolidated Decision Package Set
CDPSCommunications Data Processing System
CDPSComputing & Data Processing Society (Canada)
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CDPs allow marketers to build profiles, launch campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.
Una aproximacion del coeficiente de reflexion (Ruger, 1997) similar a la del caso isotropo (Fatti et al, 1994) permite la inversion de sismica 3D y estimar la direccion de las fracturas, velocidades y parametros de anisotropia en cada CDP.
2) Does not include Prudhoe Bay CDP, which for this analysis is classified as an urban place.
We congratulate Symrise on its inclusion in the CDP Climate A List and its achievement of the highest CDP climate score: 100 A.
5) Lower efficiency compared to tributyltin (TBT)-based coatings CDP (ablative) 3 Poor self-smoothing Increasing leached layers with immersion time Biocide release not constant Little activity during idle periods Higher cost before applying new coats (sealer coating often needed) Fouling release 5-10 Potential surface damage from in-water cleaning High risk of biofouling under static conditions Coating system Advantages Reference Tin-free SPC Lower cost compared to TBT-based 8, 16 coatings.
To achieve these purposes, I articulate a multicultural STEM-focused career intervention framework for CDPs to (a) support their knowledge of STEM careers, (b) delineate several relevant skills and practices aimed at increasing STEM access and attainment for culturally diverse groups, and (c) encourage their intentionality in exploring collaborations with STEM stakeholders to facilitate STEM career development opportunities.
The consumer health libraries at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Canada, and the Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (CRO) in Aviano, Italy, have CDPs that librarians use to inform collection development.
In this environment, Sandra Stimson, CADDCT, CALA, ADC, AC-BC, CDP, CD CM, executive director of the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) and the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (ICCDP), recently took time to answer some questions for Long-Term Living Senior Editor Lois A.
The CDPS was originally developed for state Medicaid departments to better adjust payments for beneficiaries with disabilities (Kronick, Gilmer, Dreyfus, & Lee, 2000).
No contexto de gestao de conhecimento as CdPs baseiam-se na participacao voluntaria, numa forte relacao de confianca entre os participantes e na contribuicao que cada participante traz ao grupo.
156) The CDPS model better predicts beneficiary health care costs than the Medical Rx model.
design of career-focused CDPs that will be implemented through effective