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The Cease and Desist order prohibits Mount Mancelona from operating a ski lift without possessing a permit issued by LARA and notifies Mount Mancelona that violations of the Ski Area Safety Act may lead to administrative, civil, and criminal sanctions; that LARA will refer the matter to the local police and fire authorities, and the prosecuting attorney for review and possible action against Mount Mancelona, which may include criminal sanctions.
On Sunday, the government gave cease and desist orders to the following establishments for polluting the Manila Bay: Aristocrat Restaurant Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant The Esplanade San Miguel by the Bay According to the DENR, authorities immediately cut off the water sources of the three establishments to prevent them from discharging wastewater, although they can still operate their businesses.
To be exact, SEC on Friday ordered Black Cell Technology Inc., Black Sands Capital Inc., Black Cell Technology Limited and Krops to immediately cease and desist from selling and offering for sale KROPs Tokens and KropCoins or any other of the same nature.
Trump's lawyer Charles Harder threatened Bannon with legal action and demanded in the letter that Bannon "cease and desist from any and all further disclosure of Confidential Information, disparagement of Mr.
While the 1st Provision Credit Union claims on its website that it is a cooperative, the state regulator alleged in its cease and desist order that the Ottawa, Ill.-based credit union is not chartered by the NUCA or by the state of Illinois.
Furthermore, books and records were maintained in Santa Fe, New Mexico, according to the SEC's cease and desist order.
The cease and desist order here is declared null and void,'' said Judge Ricciardone's ruling, filed Friday.
One of the risks of sending a patent cease and desist letter, however, is that, unless the letter is carefully drafted, the infringer may file its own action for a declaratory judgment (DJ) of non-infringement.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 21, 2014--Fed lifts cease and desist order from Ohio's Central Federal
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 21, 2014--Fed lifts cease and desist order from Ohio's Central Federal
Opponents of the "cease and desist" orders argued that the PUC already had adequate authority to protect residents, by going to a judge.
He and his team of lawyers are currently drafting up a cease and desist letter to be delivered to Gawker.