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According to many etymological sources, such as the CEDEL, EDME, OED, SCEDEL, SEDME and WO dictionaries, present-day goose derives from O.
Euroclear, Cedel, and VISA), from international financial market associations (such as the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, the International Institute of Finance, and the Global 2000 Coordinating Group), from multilateral organizations (such as the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the World Bank), from the financial rating agencies (such as Moody's and Standard & Poor's), and from a number of other international organizations (such as the International Telecommunications Union, Reuters, the International Federation of Accountants, and the International Chamber of Commerce).
He was also a board member of Cedel (now Clearstream).
DeFeo held executive and senior positions at Cedel International, Lehman Brothers, Fidelity Investments and Bankers Trust Company.
In addition, he has served as a key member of the operations divisions of both the Securities Industry Association and the New York Clearing House and was a board member of Cedel (now Clearstream).
Applications of corporate governance technology to accounting and audit quality surveillance - China - Regional stock exchanges in the UK: Addressing the mirage of global markets - Regional review: Middle East stock exchanges - Developing bond markets in Latin America and the Caribbean Companies mentioned: - Reuters - Bloomberg - Telekurs - FTSE - Dow Jones - Morgan Stanley - London Clearing House - Instinet - Archipelago - Clearstream - CEDEL - Euroclear
Previously, Marson was with State Street where he was Executive Vice President and head of Global Investor Services Group - International and Cedel (renamed Clearstream) where he was a member of the Management Board and General Manager in charge of Business Development, Operations and Treasury.
The company, which was formed following the merger of Cedel International and Deutsche Borse Clearing, currently has over 7.
He has served on numerous Boards of Directors, including the Depository Trust Company, The Participants Trust Company, CEDEL Bank of Luxembourg and Bank Mendes Gans of Holland.
In addition, he was responsible for the co-creation of the Liberty order routing system (now Reuters InterTrade Direct), the Chevron and Mobil global risk management systems and the Cedel real-time settlement re-engineering project.
The company, which was formed following the merger last autumn of Cedel International and Deutsche Borse Clearing, currently has over 9,7 trillion euros of assets under custody and expects to handle in excess of 150 million transactions this year.
Clearing and settlement for trades on the Xetra system will be handled by Clearstream International, a joint subsidiary of Deutsche Borse and Cedel International.