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CETSACellular Thermal Shift Assay (microbiology)
CETSAConcept Evaluation Training Support Activity
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In the session on "Applications", Dr Laurent Lamy (Nestle Skin Health--Galderma R&D, Sophia-Antipolis, France) and his team introduced the cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA[R]), which facilitates the direct assessment of target engagement within cells and tissues at various stages of drug development.
They discuss molecular targets in cancer, cancer nanomedicine, T-cell chimeric antigen receptors, cancer drug resistance, RNA interference-based therapeutics, targeting RNA with small molecules, the cellular thermal shift assay, genome editing, 26S proteasome inhibitors, biobanking, mitochondrial biogenesis as a pharmacological target, triclosan as an environmental toxicant, and G protein-coupled receptors and retinal degenerative disorders.
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