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CELTCorpus of Electronic Texts (Ireland)
CELTCentre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (Lancaster University, UK)
CELTCentre for English Language Teaching (Stirling, Scotland)
CELTCenter for Engineering Learning and Teaching
CELTCalifornia Extremely Large Telescope
CELTCrypto Equipment for Low-Speed Telegraphy
CELTConsolidated Entry Level Training
CELTCoherent Emitter Location Techniques
CELTCognitive Emotional Linguistic Training
CELTCompagnie Europeenne Loisirs et Tourisme (French: European Leisure and Tourism Company)
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Celt is on the way back in time for Christmas," said Mr Buckley, head brewer at Celt.
has received approval of its PMA application from the US Food and Drug Administration novel Celt ACD vascular closure device, the company said.
For the history of the Celts in Italy, there are no Celtic historians.
The Celt project is located 35 kilometres south of the Cortez Hills-Pediment gold discovery, which is owned by the Cortez Joint Venture, and about 10 kilometres south of Tonkin Springs Gold Mine, which is owned by US Gold Corporation.
WHEN my book Searching for the Silures, an Iron Age tribe in South-East Wales was first published, it led to a feature on the theme of Celts and Romans in the Western Mail.
Celt was taken to the Freshfields animal rescue sanctuary near Caernarfon to be looked after.
Sefydlwyd Celt dros 20 mlynedd yn ol ac mae'r band wedi gweld newidiadau mawr dros y blynyddoedd.
He said the CeLTS project of translation of all Punjab government laws from English into Urdu is nearing completion.
The teams were evenly matched throughout, with the Police giving the Celts a hard game.
Locally based Arabian Celts G club will be represented by six teams on the day, with the Arabian Celts senior team, the Arabian Legends and the Arabian Celts All Stars battling it out in the men's football competition.
The Celts would often kill and eat weak livestock that they believed would not survive through the winter.
WALES CONFERENCE Dee Valley Dragons 56 Conwy Celts 22 VALLEY Dragons picked up their third win of the campaign, moving them into second position thanks to a powerful defensive display against the Conwy Celts.