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A 14-pin DFB laser with 1563.06 nm center wavelength is applied as the light source in this system.
The DFB laser diode with [lambda]c = 1530.618 nm center wavelength and [DELTA][lambda] = 0.02 nm wavelength width was used as the pumping source.
We can see that the laser center wavelength is red-shifted from 1544.44 nm near the threshold to 1544.68 nm at the output power of 19.2 W, which is primarily attributed to the temperature dependence of reflection wavelength of the FBGs.
The center wavelength of the light is 1550 nm with normalized frequency 0.4228 in this structure.
But since we use a Gaussian pulse which has a wideband spectrum, features smaller than the center wavelength are detectable.
Encoding FBG is a kind of new sensor source which is made by carving two or more different center wavelength gratings on the same position of one fiber.
We know that for un-chirped uniform gratings both the reflectivity and the delay are symmetric about the center wavelength. Since the dispersion [d.sub.[rho]] (in ps/km) is the rate of change of delay with wavelength, we find [5],
where D--dispersion in ps/(km nm); [S.sub.0] zero dispersion slope in ps/(n[m.sup.2]-km); [[lambda].sub.c]-the laser center wavelength in nm; [X.sub.0]-zero dispersion wavelength in nm (Fig.
The units combine all the performance advantages of thin-film optical filters-including high average transmission, steep edges, and wide out-of-band blocking-with the center wavelength tuning flexibility of a diffraction grating.
In conventional AWGs, where heat is regulated using a heater, etc., it is necessary, in order to maintain the AWG center wavelength constant, to keep the AWG chip at a temperature of 100 C or above, raising problems of thermal degradation of the adhesives used in module construction.
The spectrographs feature gold-coated gratings for increased efficiency and tunable center wavelength adjustment to allow different laser excitations including 785, 805 or 830 nm.
Figure 2 shows the PL decays (top), residual traces (middle), and decay components (bottom) from CIS/Zn[S.sub.665 nm] at shorter wavelength, 575 nm (a), center wavelength, 640 nm (b), and longer wavelength, 690 nm (c).
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