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The quadracycle was in a ditch filled with about 50 centimeters of water near the village road.
Emmanuel Marcq of the LATMOS laboratory in France, "Water vapor is a very rare species in the Venusian atmosphere: if it were in liquid form now, it would cover the surface of Venus with just a few centimeters of water.
At least three spots on the runway were submerged under up to around 2 centimeters of water as rain outran the runway's drainage capacity, the transportation ministry and other sources said.
Patients with a progressive neuromuscular diagnosis qualify if their maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) is less than sixty centimeters of water pressure or if their forced vital capacity is less than fifty percent of predicted.
Should it then occur to me that this shell, which may well be covered again by a wave, is inhabited by a creature, if I add a creature to this shell by imagining it back under a few centimeters of water, just think how much my impression will be further extended and intensified, and how much it will differ from anything the most remarkable of those aforementioned monuments can produce
Protons of this energy can burrow through 11 centimeters of water.
The pressure within the interface connected to PPAP systems commercially available decreases between one and three centimeters of water pressure on exhalation.
Sensors measured the water's temperature and salinity and the amount of light transmitted through 25 centimeters of water.