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Of these polypi, in a large specimen, there must be many thousands; yet we see that they act by one movement: they have also one central axis connected with a system of obscure circulation, and the ova are produced in an organ distinct from the separate individuals.
If the main hall is essentially an adaptable tent structure, then the concrete block to the north of the central axis acts as its sedentary counterbalance.
But ringing this central axis, behind and beyond the streets of Paris and New York, were the "territories" of the periphery, staked out by projects as different as Marc Pataut's traveling installation of photos and video created with and for the inhabitants of the Limousin farming region, and Majida Khattari's performance-fashion shows featuring improbable "clothing sculptures" that evoke the situation of women in Muslim societies with equal doses of insight and irony.
The PKB's about-face came as a central axis faction in the MPR, state's highest authority that elects the president, also nominated him as their candidate.
The recently synthesized molecule, consisting of three six-membered rings made up of carbon atoms radiating from a central axis (diagram 1), looks like a three-bladed propeller.
Romaine Walker who designed galleries for the Dutch art dealer, Joseph Duveen, and, later, his son; and subsequently in 1937 by the American classicist, John Russell Pope, responsible with Walker for the Duveen sculpture galleries which mark the central axis running north from Smith's entrance rotunda through a domed octagon.
On Wednesday, an alliance of the National Mandate Party (PAN) and Muslim-oriented parties, known as the "central axis force," suggested that Habibie must withdraw from the presidential race.
In Type, 1998, tributaries of bright color from the left side of the canvas lead to a central axis, where they converge in a diagonal river from which new "polluted" brushstrokes take off toward the right.
When separate ward wings were developed for patients, the chapel remained the most prominent building on the central axis, still dominating the plan of the institution.
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