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Therefore, the centrifugal electroslag casting systems should be fitted with a centrifugal machine with a relatively high power.
When using the centrifugal electroslag casting system fitted with a crucible furnace and a centrifugal machine with a relatively high power, productivity can be increased by increasing the weight of the casting and by using multi-position moulds.
With transition to continuous production of castings, the proposed centrifugal electroslag casting system increases the productivity of the process and also the economic parameters and efficiency as a result of improving the heat balance of the melting process in a constantly heated crucible, increasing the service life of the lining working without thermal cycles of heating and cooling, reducing the duration of preparatory operations carried out previously prior to every melt (dressing of the bottom surface of the crucible to remove the remnants of the solidified slag, repair of a bottom electrode in the mono-filar scheme, verification of the elements of the water cooling systems, etc).