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CENTSConsumer Education and Training Services (est. 1995; Seattle, WA)
CENTSCentral Environmental Nursery Trade Show
CENTSCyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators
CENTSConservation Education Now for Tennessee Students
CENTSCook Electric's Network Teleprocessing System (Nortel)
CENTSCustomer Equipment Network Testing Service (AT&T)
CENTSCivil, Economic, Natural, Technological, & Subsequent (Hazards)
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One can not buy and pay for two cents' worth of clams without trouble and a quarrel.
"The lot will cost him 32 cents. It takes him 32 working days to earn the money -- 5 weeks and 2 days.
"Three dollars and twelve and a half cents," she supplied quickly.
The TRANSCONTINENTAL sold for twenty-five cents, and its dignified and artistic cover proclaimed it as among the first-class magazines.
Costs of suit, four dollars and twenty-five cents. Nett profit, -- see Journal,- seventy-five cents."
If you want to have your name on the quilt you pay five cents, and if you want to have it right in the round spot in the middle of the square you must pay ten cents.
Twenty-one dollars they took from her for it, and she hurried home with the 87 cents. With that chain on his watch Jim might be properly anxious about the time in any company.