CERMACenter for Enterprise Restructuring and Management Assistance (Georgia)
CerMACeramic Manufacturers Association (Philippines)
CERMAConference on Electronics, Robotics and Automotive Mechanics
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Table 1: Language sample Kabyle Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Tachelhit Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Tamahak Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Afar Cushitic (Afro-Asiatic) Jola Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Balante Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Gbaya Ubangi (Niger-Congo) Cerma Gur (Niger-Congo) Tigemaxo Mande (Niger-Congo) Chamba Daka Bueno-Congo (Niger-Congo) Yulu Central Sudanic (Nilo-Saharan) French Italic (Indo-European) Tigre Semitic (Afro-Asiatic) Zaar Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) Hausa Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) Kisi Bantu (Niger-Congo) Bijogo Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Wolof Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Zulu Bantu (Niger-Congo) Nateni Gur (Niger-Congo) Bambara Mande (Niger-Congo) Kanuri Saharan (Nilo-Saharan) Palenquero Creole (Spanish based) English Germanic (Indo-Europ.
In the area of Cerma, 21 lakes of variable size were censused, 15 permanently full, four filled only in winter and two drained, but covered by palm groves.
1): between 4th and 16th April 1998 I travelled from the Tunisia-Libya frontier to that of Libya-Egypt and back; between 17th and 29th April 2005 I visited Fezzan (Sebha-Murzuk, Mathendusc, Cerma lakes, Waw el Namus), Tripolitania coast (Leptis Magna) and Cyrenaica (Djebel el Akhdar).
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Detection of the tiredness level of drivers using machine vision techniques", CERMA 2011 IEEE.
Cerma aims at expanding its business into the US and Europe.
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That financial skill set will be valuable in the future, says Rich Phillips, an associate professor of Georgia State and founding faculty member of the CERMAS center.