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CERAMCentre d'essais et de recherche automobile de Mortefontaine
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05) as they have approximately the highest flexural strength values and there was also statistically insignificant difference between Dentsply Ceram.
Tony Kinsella, chief executive at Ceram, said: "Businesses are looking for better ways of doing things and being more innovative, and that's behind a lot of our growth.
Ceram said geopolymerisation "is being considered as an alternative to cement for the encapsulation of low-level hazardous waste.
An in vitro study to investigate the load at fracture of Procera All ceram crowns with various thickness of oclusal veneer porcelain.
CERAM Business School caters for 2,600 students from over 60 different countries.
Automotive Industries spoke to Jurgen Zurbig, managing director (diesecatalyst), Ceram Catalysts.
In the first project, CERAM will be conducting studies on the potential use of recycled plasterboard in ceramic and metalcasting molds.
In the first project, CERAM Research will be carrying out R&D to establish the potential use of recycled plasterboard in ceramic and metal casting moulds.
Silicone bonded panels have been independently tested for wind loading at Ceram Research in the UK, and have withstood testing for the effects of weather, Photograph: Martin Charles
com)-- Ceram, the international materials technology company, provided the technical authorship for the recently published 'Clay Bricks and Clay Blocks' and 'Precast Concrete' Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAPs).
Staffordshire materials technology company Ceram is expanding its construction services by setting up a Technology Development Group (TDG).
CERAM has launched a revitalized website that provides expanded industry-specific services and a large resource of reports, white papers, and guidance documents.