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CERDACoincident Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis
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Cerda tackles the great themes of love and peace, and withal, the warring forces that shift back and forth like a tennis ball.
La referida obra, que constituye la piedra angular del pensamiento territorial y urbanistico de Cerda, tiene, sin embargo, desde la perspectiva de la concepcion general de su autor, un caracter parcial.
Pujante and Cerda state their concern on the very first page of their introduction: Shakespeare did not come to Spain directly from England, but through France; and this, they fear, may have conditioned, even prevented, the reading of his plays, to the extent that in some early writings "'Shakespeare' is only a name, without reference to a single play of his" (xxviii).
Sin embargo, estas mejoras en la productividad de la cerda han tenido efecto negativo sobre otros indicadores, los cuales determinan su longevidad y eficiencia productiva como lo son: menor rusticidad, pubertad prolongada y disminucion en la capacidad de ingesta de alimento [7]; siendo esta ultima factor determinante para una productividad constante y homogenea de las cerdas.
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In a statement, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Kingdom's National day, Ambassador Cerda said that King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center in Argentina which was inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud when he was the Crown Prince in 1421 A.H is a major Islamic monument at the level of Latin America.