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CCASCentre Communal d'Action Sociale (French: Center for Social Action; various locations)
CCASCenter for Contemporary Arab Studies
CCASCerebellar Cognitive Affective Syndrome (disorder)
CCASCaisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales (French: Central Fund for Social Activities)
CCASCape Canaveral Air Station
CCASCharm City Art Space (Baltimore, MD)
CCASCouncil of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (est. 1965)
CCASCollege of Communication Arts and Sciences (Michigan State University)
CCASConsumer Codes Approval Scheme
CCASConvention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
CCASCross Country Automotive Services
CCASCanadian Code of Advertising Standards
CCASCenter for Contemporary Art, Sacramento (California; est. 1989)
CCASCaisse de Coordination aux Assurances Sociales (French: Coordination Fund for Social Insurance)
CCASCongressional Courier Acceptance Site
CCASCreative Circle Advertising Solutions (Providence, RI)
CCASConstruction Contractor Appraisal Support System (US DoD)
CCASConference for Critical Animal Studies
CCASContingency Contract Administration Services (US DoD)
CCASColumbus Cash Accountability System (US DoD)
CCASCoalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductors
CCASCentral Coast Astronomical Society
CCASComputing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia; also seen as CCRAS)
CCASCollier County Audubon Society
CCASContribution-Based Compensation Appraisal System
CCASCaribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society (Barbados)
CCASCentralized Crew Alerting System
CCASCentrale Chrétienne de l'Alimentation et des Services (French: Central Christian and Food Services; Belgium)
CCASContainment Cooling Actuation Signal
CCASCatholic Community At Stanford (University)
CCASCryogenic Carrier Attach System
CCASCentralized Contracting Acquisition System
CCASCertified Contracting Assistance Specialist (various organizations)
CCASConditional Capacity Availability Statement (City of Jacksonville, FL)
CCASCape Cod Air Station
CCASCough/Cold/Allergy/Sinus (pharmaceuticals)
CCASCertified Commercial Apartment Specialist (National Apartment Marketing Institute, Inc.)
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Schmahmann & Sherman (1998) proposed the term "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome" to encompass alterations in the executive functions, in visual-spatial skills, in language or personality changes.
As indicated above, Schmahmann & Sherman (1998) and Schmahmann (2004, 2013) propose cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome (CCAS) which includes alteration of the executive functions.
For example, Schmahmann described "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome," which includes impairments in executive functions, visuospatial, and linguistic abilities, along with a large spectrum of affective symptoms ranging from depression and affective blunting to disinhibition and psychotic symptoms, in patients having cerebellar lesions (24).
Disorders of the cerebellum: ataxia, dysmetria of thought, and the cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 2004; 16:367-378.
Notably, the cerebellum's involvement in this regulatory pathway was first described by Schmahmann and Sherman in 1998 and was originally termed "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome" [15].
The MRI results could explain neurological and neuropsychological findings and presence of "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome" [5] as well as the persistance of mental health problems.
Cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome in a paediatric population," Brain, vol.
Schmahmann and Sherman (4) developed the concept of "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome," describing it as the loss of executive functions, visuospatial disorganization, impaired visuospatial memory, personality changes, and certain difficulties in language processing.
Disorders of the cerebellum: ataxia, dysmetria of thought and the cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 2004; 16:367-378.
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