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CSVTClose-Spaced Vapor Transport
CSVTCanadian Society of Vascular Technology (Ontario, Canada)
CSVTCerebral Sinus Venous Thrombosis
CSVTCash System Value Terminal
CSVTCentral Splanchnic Venous Thrombosis
CSVTCustomer Support Virtual Team
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Abbreviations AED: Antiepileptic drugs aPTT: Activated partial thromboplastin time CSVT: Cerebral sinus venous thrombosis CT: Computed tomography CXR: Chest radiograph EEG: Electroencephalogram ECG: Electrocardiogram FFP: Fresh Frozen Plasma GBS: Group B Streptococcus GIR: Glucose Infusion Rate GTT: Glucose tolerance test HUS: Head ultrasound IUGR: Intrauterine growth restriction IVH: Intraventricular hemorrhage KB: Kleihauer-Betke test LMWH: Low molecular weight heparin MCA: Middle cerebral artery MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging MRV: Magnetic resonance venography NICU: Neonatal intensive care unit PAIS: Perinatal arterial ischemic stroke PNC: Prenatal care PROM: Prolonged rupture of membranes RBC: Red blood cells.