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CERESCalifornia Environmental Resources Evaluation System
CERESClouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System
CERESCoalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies
CERESCentre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies
CERESCenter for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (Georgetown University)
CERESCentro de Estudios de la Realidad Económica y Social (Bolivia)
CERESCenter for Educational Resources
CERESConsumers for Ethics in Research
CERESCenter for Research Support (Schriever AFB, CO, USA)
CERESCentre d'Enseignement et de Recherche pour l'Environnement et la Santé (French: Center for Teaching and Research for Environment and Health; University of Liège; Liège, Belgium)
CERESCenter for Energy Research/Education/Service (Ball State University)
CERESCentre d'Études, de Recherches et d'Éducation Socialiste (French political party)
CERESConsortium for European Research on Extragalactic Surveys
CERESCrop Estimation through Resource and Environment Synthesis
CERESCalifornia Environment Resources Evaluation System
CERESCareer Education Responsive to Every Student
CERESCherenkov Ring Electron Spectrometer
CERESCoalition for Economically Responsible Economies
CERESComputer Enhanced Radio Emission Surveillance
CERESCentre d'Études, de Recherches et d'Essais Scientifiques du Génie Civil (French: Center for Studies, Research and Testing of Engineering Science; Belgium)
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But Ceres shook her head, and hastened away, along with Hecate.
Poor Mother Ceres had now found out what had become of her daughter, but was not a whit happier than before.
Poor Mother Ceres! It is melancholy to think of her, pursuing her toilsome way, all alone, and holding up that never-dying torch, the flame of which seemed an emblem of the grief and hope that burned together in her heart.
She roamed about in so wild a way, and with her hair so disheveled, that people took her for some distracted creature, and never dreamed that this was Mother Ceres, who had the oversight of every seed which the husbandman planted.
So Queen Metanira ran to the door, with the poor wailing baby in her arms, and besought Ceres to take charge of it, or, at least, to tell her what would do it good.
"Will you trust the child entirely to me?" asked Ceres.
"You are right," said Ceres. "I once had a child of my own.
So Mother Ceres set her torch in a corner (where it kept burning all the while), and took up her abode in the palace of King Cereus, as nurse to the little Prince Demophoon.
"I was a mother once," Ceres always replied; "and having nursed my own child, I know what other children need."
One night, therefore, she hid herself in the chamber where Ceres and the little prince were accustomed to sleep.
She now turned to Mother Ceres, and asked her to explain the mystery.
"Foolish woman," answered Ceres, "did you not promise to intrust this poor infant entirely to me?