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CERIACenter for Education and Research in Information Assurance (Purdue University)
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NO reduction by CO over gold catalysts supported on Fe-loaded ceria Applied Catalysis B: Environmental volume 174-175, September 2015, pages 176-184.
Previous studies have documented the high rate of grandparent involvement in child rearing in ethnic minority groups in the United States (Kataoka-Yahiro, Ceria, & Caulfield, 2004) and in Eastern societies (Aubel, 2012; Kataoka-Yahiro, Ceria, Caulfield, 2004).
Anode material based on samarium doped ceria (SDC) has high performance than the yttrium based ceria (YDC), yttrium based zirconium (YSZ) and gadolinium doped ceria (GDC).
Overall, our findings are consistent with those of studies showing an increase in extracellular levels of ROS and the concomitant downregulation of antioxidant levels after treatment with various doses of currently available ENMs such as ceria, titania, and cobalt (Mittal and Pandey 2014; Wan et al.
Encapsulation of the Corrosion Inhibitor 8-Hydroxyquinoline into Ceria Nanocontainers.
FTIR spectroscopy was used to distinguish the functional units existing on the surface of ceria particles before and after the surface treatment.
Em segundo lugar, a estimacao de retornos esperados esta sujeita a um maior erro de estimacao em comparacao a estimacao de covariancias Merton (1980), e o erro de estimacao nos retornos esperados tem um impacto negativo maior nos pesos da carteira quando comparado ao impacto do erro de estimacao nas covariancias Michaud (1989), Best & Grauer (1991b), Mendes & Leal (2005), Ceria & Stubbs (2006).
Power generation and steam electrolysis characteristics of an electrochemical cell with a zirconia--or ceria based electrolyte, Solid State Ionics 86-88: 1245-1249.
17) The symbolism of Yemanja, goddess of salty waters, is the same as that of Mami Wata, appearing very often next to the Tron gods, but it is much more fashionable for someone seeking international development and diaspora prestige to call his deity Nana Ceria, literally 'Mother Mermaid' rather than Mami Wata, 'Queen of the Salty Waters'.
Also, when compared to conventional Y-TZP the flexural strength is in the same range whereas the fracture toughness increases with the addition of ceria [27].
Ceria has recently been attracting much attention in the oxidative catalysis research due to its high oxygen storage capacity [12] and redox properties [13].
Specific topics include the design of a membrane biosensor, a sine-wave exciting circuit for a quartz vibrating gyroscope, using electrical resistance tomography to measure parameters in ice-water two-phase flow, texturing multi-crystalline silicon wafers by etching with an ultrasonic standing wave in acid, a novel fiber-optic sensing systems for detecting methane, and synthesizing biomorphic ceria templated from crucian fish scales.